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Hypnotherapy - We offer individual Hypnotherapy sessions for various issues and addictive behaviors.  

EMDR - EMDR sessions can be accommodated upon request

Phone/Online Counseling - We offer phone and online counseling sessions to accommodate clients who live far or who can not leave their homes due to disability.

Our Services

Counseling services in Lake Worth and the surrounding areas including West Palm Beach

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) -

We will write letters for Emotional Support Animals (ESA) after an initial assessment and follow up counseling has determined the client is in need of such a service.

Individual Counseling Sessions - We provide one on one services to all our patients that need specialized attention in areas that they do not feel comfortable discussing in a group setting.  Psychoanalysis and CBT are often used as methods for helping clients individually.  Appointments are required.

Substance Abuse Counseling - We work with people who have substance abuse issues; including legal issues with DUI's or arrests due to substance use.

Intracoastal Counseling Center 

Counseling in Lake Worth, Counseling in West Palm Beach and Counseling in Lantana

Family Counseling - Mental health issues do not just involve the person experiencing problems.  Issues such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, issues of abandonment and intimacy issues effect the entire family. We provide sessions to families that feel they need this type of counseling or if the mental health counselor thinks this will be in the best interest of  the client and their families.  

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